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    Tile Dashboard Action filters and navigation

    Vinay Seeruthun

      Hi All,


      I'm quite new to Tableau and i'm trying to create an interactive dashboard. I've had great support from the Forum community and as such have created the below dashboard.

      I know what I would like to do, I've searched forums but haven't quite found the right information to implement what i would like.


      On the dashboard below i would like to:-


      1. Only show the top 8 Account Performances by Top/Bottom 10 (Two Components)

      2. Have a drill down function on the Products. User Clicks Product Group and it displays detail information in same component (Not like Hierarchy Pill)

      3. Is there a way to display the arrow to the right of the text so it runs alongside all the text, or to display a custom picture instead of an arrow?



      Is anyone able to help or done something similar?



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          Tom W


          Can you please stop posting the same workbook, with the same questions over and over again? I've helped you on some of the exact same questions in another thread. By duplicating your posting, you're going to cause people to spend their time on this unnecessarily.


          Going forward, I'd suggest you break your questions down into smaller problems and create more specific posts with a smaller dataset. I.e. if you're having a problem with the arrow, create a small sample asking for help aligning the arrow to the right as your post and that's it. If you'd like help creating a top 10, create a sample with some records which will help you learn how to create a top 10 - there's no need to include all your data and all your tiles etc.


          Please break things down into smaller problems so we can help you rather than do everything for you.

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            Vinay Seeruthun

            Hi Tom,


            Thanks for the help and apologies. Will taken onboard the advice and break down my issues into smaller tasks.