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    Dynamic date reference lines based on a filter

    Lucie Brett



      I have looked into other discussions which deal with this subject but I can't get past a certain stage and I believe it is to do with the fact that the dimension used in my reference line is a date.


      I basically want a series of milestones plotted on a chart to show 25%, 50% and 75% achieved (date taken after having looked at last year's data). I have mocked up an example file using mock data which has 3 parameters for the 25% date for 3 clients, I want the reference line to move when the filter is updated to change clients.


      At the moment, the date isn't even showing the correct date - it shows 01/01/2017 rather than 20/01/2017!


      Does anyone know why the wrong date is showing please?


      Thanks in advance! Lucie