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    Email alerts for component up, down and failover events not sending

    Irwin Foxcroft



      Im currently running into an issue with email alerts for one of our environments.  I have a batch file that runs a daily back up of Tableau Server using Windows task scheduler.  I have configured SMTP and enabled email alerts for server components.  When the backup kicks off, it will stop Tableau Server and perform the back up.  After the backup completes the batch file runs a few cleanup commands and starts the server.  At this point i should have received two emails, one for server component down and one for server component up since i stopped and started the server, but i do not receive any emails.  I have verified my SMTP configuration works since our production environment is sending emails.


      Our Production environment utilizes the exact same script/workflow and the only email i receive is the server component up after the backup completes.  Is there set amount of time i have to "wait" in order to receive the server down and server up alert emails?  It almost seems like i need to add a pause or two into the backup script to give the alerting component enough time to send the email.


      Thank you,