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    Selective filtering with Pictures/shapes

    Alix Britt

      I'm building a performance dashboard for our Engineering team and I've been asked to use the engineers pictures as the filter, which is linked to their names in the table.

      I've done this with no problem however a couple of the measures/graphs need to be control measures. Meaning that they remain unchanged when everything else is filtered.

      However no amount of trying can seem to disassociate these from the filter.

      I've selected the sheets I require, on the apply to worksheets drop down, and I've made sure that the engineers are not a filter on the control measure sheets.

      But none of this seems to stop the control measures being filtered. Every time I select an engineer all the graphs change and when I go to the control sheets the engineer has been added to the filter.


      Can anyone give me some advice how to exclude these from the filter.