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    Highlighting several parts of a map when selecting one with a connection to them

    Clemens Jänicke

      Hello Community,


      I am working on my first tableau project and already stuck at a problem which I cannot figure out. The goal is a map of Berlin with its neighborhoods where each neighborhood should be selectable and then all the other neighborhoods connected to the selected one should be highlighted. The connection is based on intraurban migrations between the neighborhoods in 2015. So if I click on one I would like to see all the others from which people moved to the selected one.


      First I would like to now if it is this actually possible to do something like this? If not, then I could save some time and think of something else.

      An second I could use some hints on how to do it and how to convert my data table.


      Unfortunately I am not allowed to publish these data, so I only attached an example table with fake values. It is a matrix which shows the migrations from one neighborhood to another. So far I already imported the necessary shapefile into the project, where each neighborhood has the same ID as in the matrix.


      I would be glad for some help.