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    Admin View 'Audit Table' adding a column based on an event


      Dear all,


      I am currently showing the stats of our tableau server using the 'Audit Table' data from the Admin Views.


      However the audit table shows me all data even for deleted workbooks. I would like to be able to 'point' which workbooks / worksheets were deleted .


      To do this I would like to create some sort of calculated field that says: for each workbook, if there is an Action event that is 'Deleted Worbook' then Workbook status = 'deleted' else 'active'.

      Same for the views: for each view, if there is an action event that is 'deleted sheet' then worksheet status = deleted' else active.


      Is there a way to do this? I can only use the admin views as they are ('Audit Table' and the filters). No custom query


      Thanks a lot!