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    Tableau Desktop - Pages - Hide dynamicaly columns that are not relevant

    M GB



      I'm a recent user of Tableau and a new comer within the forum.


      I've been searching over and over but didn´t find any answer. Here is my issue.


      I have a sheet that is showing a table with for the shelf column one dimension and then in Rows different measures.


      I used on top of that "Pages" to get one table per each value of the dimension put in Pages.


      It's working perfectly but my issue is that for some of the value in Pages I may have different value of columns filled in or not. I would like to hide dynamically the columns that do not have any measure for the specific value of Pages.


      To make it short  I have


      Page Value 1

      Column 1 Column 2 Column 3

      Value 1     Nothing     Value 2


      Page Value 2

      Column 1 Column 2 Column 3

      Nothing      Value 3     Value 4


      Is it possible to hide for Page value 1 the Column 2 and for Page Value 2 the Column 1 ?