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    Installing TabMon

    Brant Davis

      I am trying to install TabMon onto my local machine in order to monitor a three node cluster. I have downloaded GitHub resources and downloaded necessary applications and enabled JMX counters on my tableau server. After that step it says to run the install file, but what is the exact location of the install file and what program do I need to run the file in order for it to compile? I would greatly appreciate the help, and another further tips I may need in monitoring a tableau server cluster. Thanks!

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          Hi Brant Davis,


          I am not sure about the path, however here are some feedback from a Tableau Employee & a Tableau employee:

          I'm not sure if there is a definitive right or wrong.  For us, we consider it best practice to have tabjolt and tabmon installed on non-Tableau boxes as we don't want it's own internal processes to skew the load of Tableau Server.  And we do not use LogShark currently.

          TabJolt and LogShark utilize a fair amount of CPU when running.

          TabMon? It depends on how often you're sampling data, how many metrics you're capturing, and where you are storing the data (to a local PostgreSQL or a remote database). It'll add some overhead, but you could easily modify the config file of TabMon to and tell it to monitor ITSELF as it records data about Tableau processes on the machine. That way you could make an informed choice.