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    Live connection to many SQL Server schemes

    Sina Zarafshan

      Hi everyone,


      I have a question which couldn't find any answer online so far. So maybe you guys could help me out.


      I have a huge relational database. It has different schemes, say 50 different schemes. Each schema has the same number of tables that are storing same types of data but for different customers. For instance, there is a sales table in each different schemes with same fields but having data related to that specific customer.


      Now I want to create a dashboard/worksheet with a live connection across all the schemes. Let's say I want to use the sales table, which is in all 50 different schemes, and I need to show, say, sum of sales for each single customers. So as in my case there is no way that I could join these tables despite having same fields but primary keys would be different as they are IDs. What approach would you recommend in this case to show sum of sales across all the 50 customers with a live connection?


      Any help is greatly appreciated.