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    Can't seem to filter by a Secondary Datasource

    Dan Burrell

      Hi Everyone.


      I have seen this being lauded as Tableau 10s new features, but I can't seem to make it work.

      I keep seeing access to the "filter all related datasource" capability, but it doesn't seem to function.



      I have a list of Country Codes and want to use this as a secondary datasource in two worksheets with different primary datasources.

      I want to filter what is in the primary datasource with what is in the secondary datasource.


      The idea is that the user can setup and maintain a list of Country Codes they want to watch which will filter the row level detail on the worksheets with the primary data.


      Even if I use a filter with "All using this datasource" it doesn't appear to work either.

      I cannot for the life of me get this to work.


      I'll attach a sample workbook.