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    Linking Data Sources

    David Sokolovsky



      I have two data sources with several overlapping fields such as customer name, state, sales agent etc., One data source tracks our sales and the second data source tracks our interactions with the customers. A sale will always have an account number but the interactions will only have the customer name. They share other fields such as address, account manager etc.,


      I want to be able to link the two data sources together in order to have a combined view (multiple sheets in one dashboard) and be able to use one set of filters. An example would be one data table that would have filtered by the state of CA (matching field in both data sets). I currently have the first data set with reports built and filters added to all of the sheets and dashboards and now need to add the second data source, link to the same filters and create new sheets to add to existing workspaces.


      CustomerSales (data source one)Calls (data source 2)Emails (data source 2)