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    Action causes Tableau Server to open new tab in embedded view?

    Nathan Jones

      Hi all,


      This question's a little difficult because I can't provide a screengrab, but I'll try to provide context as best I can.


      I'm working in a drupal environment where we're embedding Tableau workbooks, and the process is pretty straightforward.  What's happening is we have a rogue workbook that, when you click on an action, instead of simply loading the new view, it opens up an entirely new window.


      At first, I thought it might be something that had to do with the link that we were using to embed, which looked like this:




      But I tried to get the below to work, and it failed.




      In addition, other workbooks with actions are working fine with similar links!  Perplexing.  So, long story short, a simple Tableau action that directs to a new workbook is causing my embedded workbooks to open in a new internet tab, which won't work for my product -- can you help me make sure there's now popup tab and that everything loads in situ?