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    Create filter that only applies to one field not all fields within same sheet?

    Jose Alvarenga

      Hello everyone,


      I have a dashboard with 4 data sources and I am having a problem when using a filter for one of them.


      Data source "A" has analytic cancer volumes per disease center (Breast, GI, GU, etc), data source "B" has the same (this is where the relationship is) AND it has codes for analytic vs non-analytic cases.

      The issue I'm having is when I create a sheet with both sources and I try to extract intelligence from "A" to "B", such as capture, remaining and others, I have to bring in the codes from source "B" in order to compare analytic cases only. In other words, within the same sheet, I want to compare all #s for data source "A" and only analytic #s for data source "B", based on the codes. The issue is once I have the sheet, and bring in the codes, it filters both "A" and "B" rather than just "B", how can I get this filter to only apply to one field within the same sheet rather than the entire sheet??


      Hope this semi-illustration helps, thank you for your help!