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    Dynamic Filter, Multiple Sheets

    Nik Rao



      I have two data sources DS-1, DS-2 as seen below.



      I used them as individual seperate connections to generate two seperate reports(Sheet1 and 2) and have them on one Dashboard.




      The first report -1 has two filters "Left Entity" and "Right Entity"

      The second report -2 has the filter "Entity"


      I have two question here.

      1) How can I set a default value for filter "Right Entity" based on the value of filter "Left Entity"

      2) Is there anyway I can link the filter "Entity" to the selections of the first two filters? Ex: if A & C are selected, "Entity" should only have A & C selected.


      Appreciate all the help and advice I can get here. Thank You.


      I have also attached the workbook.