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    Changing Data Source Filters

    Jonald Bacay

      Hi Everyone,


      I search along topics here related to data source filters, but maybe I am still looking for any other solutions which I probably missed?


      Here's my case: I am connected to a live SQL Database. I have to blend different tables to achieve the final information I want. of course there are tons of information, coz my reports will cover years 2000 until present. I don't want to yield all those info at my design phase, so when I created an extract, I added there year filter=2016. I extract the data and get the result I wanted. I then published the extract and the workbooks.


      Result seems fine. Now I need to add additional years on my data. I go back to my Tableau Desktop and headed to my Data Source tab. My Connection is live (to Online Tableau), and click "filters". From the filed selection, I selected "years", but only "2016" is available. Same result even I changed my connection to "extract". The reason there perhaps is because my extract data are originally filtered for 2016. And I am connecting to it.


      Now, how can I change or add to that original source data filters without recreating the data extracts? Recreating that extracts mean another time coz i have to recreate all joins and extract the data. That is the solutions I am picking up around the forums. There could be some ways you can share.



      Appreciate everyone's  help.







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          Tom W

          Select the 'custom value list' option and type in the year in the yellow text box, click add;

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            Jonald Bacay

            Hi Tom,


            Thanks Tom. I will try and post my progress here.

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              Jonald Bacay

              Hi Tom,


              I tried this yesterday, and it seems not working.


              After few incremental runs since yesterday, my data today is still only for 2016, nothing for 2015 even added 2015 on data source filters custom value list option. Actually I can see "keeps 2016 and 2015" on filters, but it doesn't pulling any 2015.


              Do I need a full run instead of just an incremental? My full run is scheduled only once a week every friday night.



              Please advise

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                Matthijs Blenkers

                Hi Jonald,


                Could you provide us with more detailed information?

                • Is the extract published to Tableau Server?
                  • If so: Did you 'create local copy' and edited the filter in live-connection and republished the (new) extract
                • How did you (step by step) create the first datasource and how did you (step by step) changed the filtering en updated the datasource?
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                  Tom W

                  What are your settings for the incremental refresh? Please share a screenshot.

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                    Jonald Bacay

                    Hi Matthijs,


                    1. Extract was published in Tableau Online, not using Server by this time.

                    2. Create Local Copy? No...This portion helped me though. I got this idea from you actually. I tried to create the local copy yesterday when I got your response. Then I found out from that copy that I can actually edit/remove/add filters. Great. Now I added the 2015 and it seems pulling the data. I had this new fresh extract already published and sync processing is also doing fine for about 4 cycles of 2 hours interval...


                    I just need to monitor if the incremental update really works. I encounter some discrepancies on my numbers. Have you ever encounter that? The incremental is using GLTransKey. That is unique in every transactions. I am pulling data from staging. Replication job is running at every hour (xx:45:00 ). Then the incremental sets to run on xx:00 every hour. I just noticed that my numbers are not reconciled. Maybe I will just open a new subject for this


                    Thanks. Really works..Keep you updated on this..

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                      Jonald Bacay

                      Hi Tom,


                      I am having trouble with incremental updates. I think it's not getting all the lines that it should. I am using GLTransID as incremental look up. This is unique for every transactions. My report in Tableau is not reconciled with the source data (SQL Table).


                      All previous periods were tied up. Simply because when I extract them, those periods were locked already. But the issue is appearing on current period where transactions are being added in any minute.


                      To give you more light, my extract is getting from Staging table. This is being updated by jobs every 45minutes. Once the job is done, the Tableau Online sync will kick in. The incremental will run at least 3 minutes. So, from that period upto 45th minutes, my extract data and staging data are both freeze and should be identical. Appearing, they are not. Did you encounter same issue?



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                        Matthijs Blenkers

                        Hi Jonald,


                        I'm sorry. I have no experiance with incremental updates. I cannot help you with that one and will leave it to other users.

                        Good luck!

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                          Jonald Bacay

                          Hi Matt,


                          Thanks for the attention . Appreciate very much.


                          I found solution thru post reply of Zach to one member having same issue. This is just recently. I will post an update as soon as my monitoring or testing is done. Hope this help also to others. With credit to Zach


                          Wish you all Merry Christmas from Philippines!!!