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    Ben Hoa




      I am new to Tableau and I would like to understand if the below visualization is possible in Tableau


      First stacked bar chart to be independent and from second stacked bar chart the Line chart (dual axis) should be shown as below


      When I tried what I am getting is something like this

      (dual axis for line)






      Appreciate your inputs

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          Tom W

          Hi Ben,

          What you're trying to achieve is extremely straight forward if your data is setup 'correctly'.


          Take a look at the attached example where I have a Dual Axis report setup on Sales and Profit.

          The difference between my example and yours is the structure of the data. You're relying on a whole bunch of measures to build your chart and as a result you are coming up against limitations like the fact a dual axis can only support two 'measure pills'.

          It's a little difficult for me to follow what you're trying to achieve in the example, but I feel like the only way you'll be able to produce what you need is if you pivot/pre-process your datasource so you have a dimension you can actually use to setup the 'columns' in the view.

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            Ben Hoa

            Hello Tom


            Thank you for your reply.


            As i am pretty new to this Tableau, I am not able to get clear

            understanding og (Pivot/Pre-proceess your datasource )


            What is shown in visulaization is


            Budget, Month1 Act,Month 2 Act,Month3 Act and dot showing variance between

            Month1 Act,Month 2 Act ..

            Since variance is calculated only for Actuals, the first stacked column

            should not be touched.


            Appreciate your support




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              Tom W

              Hi Ben,

              You won't be able to build the chart using the data structure you have now. Take a look at the example I provided, you'll see the columns in the chart are created because I've been able to use the YEAR dimension on the column shelf of Tableau.

              You don't have such a dimension so unfortunately Tableau can only stack each of your Measures on the row shelf on top of each each.


              I still don't really follow what your time periods / dimensions are because you have some pretty crazy naming conventions going on, but here's my best example of how you should/could structure your data to get what you need.



              Time PeriodCategoryActualVariance


              Notice how your Time Period dimension goes down the page? As a result, it's the dimension which drives the Columns in Tableau as follows;



              You could actually get close to what you need with your current structure, if you drag measure values out onto the rows shelf and measure names onto the columns shelf;


              The problem is, in order to get your line series appearing, you need to create a dual axis between Measure Values and one other measure. It looks like you have two measures which drive that which source from different columns in your dataset.

              I hope this starts to demonstrate why you cannot achieve what you're trying to with your current structure.