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    In Need of a Data Placeholder...Data Padding?

    Will Cosman

      I have a bar chart broken down by various categories by year. For example, product names along the upper x-axis (chairs, tables, etc.), and years (2014, 2015, & 2016) within each category along the bottom x-axis. So chairs are broken down by each year. Tables are broken down by each year, etc. However, not every category has data available in every year. This makes it very difficult for the powers that be to quickly analyze my visualization and see that we sold zero chairs in 2014, and leaves the viz lopsided. Is there a way to insert either a blank placeholder for 2014/chairs? Or even better, a way to identify it as "0"? I believe this is referred to as data padding, but I'm not familiar with how to accomplish it.


      If that description isn't clear enough I can try to come up with an example to post a pic of. Unfortunately the data I'm using (people data) is highly confidential.