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    Need help tracking daily project funding over time (Open & Close Dates)

    Damon Dorsey

      I'm trying to create a visualization for some projects that run for a particular length of time.

      Each project has a start and end date and is considered active on and between those two dates.

      Each project has a daily funding amount and I'd like to show, on any given day, the sum of that amount for all projects that are active and allow users to see the rise and fall of that sum over time.


      For example, in the small set of sample data attached I've got two projects (A & B) that are active 1/1 - 6/30. So January through June dates should show the sum of those projects ($1.60) as the daily amount available.

      On 7/1 one project should drop off (project B ends 6/30) and a new one begins (C), so the daily funding amount on 7/1 should be $2.35. On 7/15 a new project (D) becomes active and gets added to the daily amount raising it to $3.05.


      I've reviewed a number of the resources and examples under the "FAQ: Open & Close Dates" topic but I'll confess I'm struggling to understand how to apply them. It seems from those example like reshaping the data would help and I think I can do that. But I could use some help understanding what that might look like and how best to use it to get where I'm going.  Any assistance is greatly appreciated.