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    How to have entire region and segment in a single parameter?

    Nagaraj Ganiga



      Using sample superstore data set and Tableau public 10.1 I need to build a sheet using a parameter with three options to select like Region, Segment and Top 5 products by sales (I am attaching the Images of sheet)


      You can observe the 3 images you will understand.


      I am showing report with category and Sum(Sales).

      User will select Dimension name from the “select dimension parameter”. Based on user selection, in next filter the values of that dimension will be shown.


      For example in Image1:

      User selected region in “Select Dimension parameter”. Below to that parameter, user can able to see the Region dimension values.


      Similarly for the Segment dimension also.


      Now how will I show Top 5 Product names by Sum(sales) in filter, when user selects “Top 5 Products by Sales” in Select dimension Parameter.


      Note: This has to be implemented in a single sheet.



      Thank you all