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    Need help!

    Nagaraj Ganiga




      Please find the images attached data set (Image1) required view (image2).


      Using data shown in the attached image1 I need to build chart which is in image2.

      Chart needs to be built using 1 dimension (Quarter) and 4 measures (Actual Sales, Target Sales, Actual Profit and Expected Profit).

      For Sales: yellow color as Actual Sales and blue color as Target Sales. Or out side bar is Target sales where as inside bar is Actual Sales

      For Profit: Red color as Actual Profit and Green color as Expected Profit. Or out side bar is Expected profit where as inside bar is Actual Profit.


      Note: I should not use any data reshaping technique for this is chart.


      How can this be built using tableau 10.1??



      Thank you all.