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    Unique/Multiple Reference Line for each measure


      Dear All


      I have been fumbling around the forums for hours and could not find a solution to this.

      Basically, I need to have a unique static threshold reference line to each of my measure as shown in the chart below.




      The solutions provided on the forum were easy because their measures were already grouped together in a single dimension/category.

      However, for my case, all 3 measures are separate individuals.


      Appreciate if any expert could give this a go and advice on a solution

      I have attached the Tableau workbook along.


      Many thanks and regards!

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          Stephen Rizzo

          Well, you can get the reference lines for each measure by switching the reference line to calculate "Per Cell" as opposed to "Per Pane". However, you are going to run into issues specifying different static thresholds for each measure - where will that information be stored? Tableau needs a way to associate a measure with a threshold, and because you have structured your data in a wide format (separate fields for each measure), you can't just add a new field with your threshold values.


          Unfortunately the cleanest solution and best practice would be to restructure your data into a long format (one field designating the measure, another assigning measure values).

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            I am not sure on how to go about restructuring the source sheet's data to have Avg Talk, Avg Hold and Avg Wrap grouped in one category. Above screenshot is what I have done in my source sheet but it didn't work. Turns out my Average Time didn't become my main string category, instead Tableau takes Average time = Avg Talk in this case.

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              Opps nvm, i think the only way for those 3 parameters to be part of the subcategory is to run the data in rows of my source sheet instead of column...