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    Tableau Server reverse proxy port issue

    Samantha Gunasekara

      Recently we configured a Tableau server for consumers outside of our internal network (for external use). SSL is enabled for the external server, but from a Tableau Server perspective it is not configured because it is only encrypted from the front end, until traffic hits the first firewall. Once internet traffic hits the first firewall it is unencrypted and passes through the WAF to the Server.


      This is all good until we encountered an issue with reverse proxy configuration. As per the steps given by Tableau ( Configuring Proxies for Tableau Server  ), I set up the port to 443 which ended up throwing an error in gateway process start up. our default port is 80 but I cannot  set to 443 (as requested by Tableau) due the fact that Tableau service is not SSL configured.


      Has anyone experienced this issue before? I have logged a ticket with Tableau support as well.