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    Web page object url based on calculated field??

    Adam Monica

      Hi all,


      In short, I want an icon to display in a dashboard dynamically based on the value of a calculated field. I am getting the icon from a web server and displaying it using a web page object.


      I can do this with dashboard url actions, but it requires my to select a trigger (hover, select, or menu). I want the dashboard to load, then I want the url of a web page object to parse automatically based on the calculated field's value.



      1. Based on the dataset, the value of [My Calculated Field] is 10

      2. Dashboard loads

      3. The following webpage object URL is parsed without user interaction: "http://somesite.com/index.html?size=<My Calculated Field>"

      4. The web page object is displayed as though I had statically typed in "http://somesite.com/index.html?size=10"


      Is there any workaround that will achieve what I am trying to do??