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    Tableau Public Extraction MSAccess

    Jennifer Burke

      Hello. I upgraded to Tableau 10.1 last week. My existing vizzes are not able to extract from their source data, an MS Access database.

      When I initially open the workbook and select the Data Source tab, the following happens:

      1. Tableau prompts for the database connection with an empty path (unusual, since it usually has the database path and name in the Edit Connection window).
      2. I re-establish the connection and the Data Source tab appears to be correct
      3. I select SAVE
      4. Tableau Public prompts for the Data Extract (I select the Activate Data Extract in the pop-up window).
      5. All the column field values in the Data Source tab go blank
      6. I select SAVE again, and I get an "internal error" message without any details.


      Image of the error with blank fields in the background

      TableauPublicError_20161209.PNG - Box


      This is concurring with all of my existing Vizzes as well as any new ones, i.e. a tested a few super simple ones and could not get an Access extract to upload to Tableau Public.


      any thought or assistance would be greatly appreciated!

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          Jennifer Burke

          After more investigation, this is what i found.


          • Excel and Access are displaying the same behavior
          • Identical behavior on Windows 7 (my work workbooks) or Windows 10 (tested on my personal computer with my personal workbooks) - both are 64-bit as is the public version of Tableau Desktop
          • Initial extract works great (both Excel and Access are closed during this process) with all new Tableau Public workbooks
          • Reopen Tableau Public, select Data Source tab and errors start....
          • Tableau Public cannot find the path to the original data source under any circumstances.
            • "Cannot find the reference file "." Replace it with another file?"
          • I am also unable to add the same data source as a replacement data source
          • I can add a completely new data source but if I reopen Tableau Desktop, error for that file is the same
          • Paths to the data sources are initially correct - c:\user\myname......
          • Looking at the tdeserver log file, it might be a .tde error - it is creating a temporary database that it then cannot find?
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            Jonathan Drummey

            Hi Jennifer, this behavior was strange enough that I sent it off to someone I know on the Tableau Public team and I just heard back that they are going to look at this.



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              Jennifer Burke

              Thank you Jonathan! They've reached out and are working on it!

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                Jennifer Burke

                Unfortunately, Tableau Public support folks have kicked this back to the community.


                So far, in working with the Tableau Public support, this is what actions were taken with no change in errors.


                1. Uninstall Tableau Public
                2. Delete:

                      -  My Tableau Repository

                      - C:\\Users\\<Username>\\AppData\\Local\\Temp\\TableauTemp\

                      - C:\\Users\\<Username>\\AppData\\Local\\Tableau

                1. Ran Disk Cleanup on both the general files and the system files.
                2. Rebooted the computer
                3. Installed Tableau 10.1 and restarted the computer


                I opened one of my workbooks and all the connections are fine - I can refresh, extract, looks good until.....

                I close workbook and reopen, and the errors start up again.


                The first step after I re-opened the workbook was to refresh the data and the link below is the error I got - it could not find the reference file.

                TableauPublic_RefreshDataError_20161214.PNG - Box

                Tableau Desktop for Public has no problems writing to Local\Temp\TableauTemp  and Local\Tableau


                If I try to extract or save from the Data Source tab, Tableau Public has actually completely crashed and shut down. If it doesn't crash, it will throw an error without any details and not permit me to save.

                My work around is to refresh or save only worksheet or dashboard tabs. when I do a data refresh from a worksheet or a dashboard, the data will extract, save, and publish after I re-point it to the data source (every time I try to save, it asks for the reference file). I do not get the "Activate Data Extraction" window, that only appears when I am working from the Data Source tab.

                The online version of my worksheets and dashboard are getting the refreshed data.


                thoughts and assistance greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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                  Kelly Figueroa

                  This is great information Jennifer!  We are opening the Support case now and you will see an email shortly.  We will be passing this to a Tableau Desktop Engineer to work with our Public team to investigate why the data window throws the internal error.  The workaround as you noted is to use the worksheet data functions.