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    Wild search using parameters in custom SQL from BigQuery

    Johnny Johnson

      I am trying to do a wild search using a parameter in custom SQL from Google BigQuery. I am using the 'like' condition with '%' for the wild search. I know that Tableau by default puts all string parameters in single quotes, but I cannot use a "+" or "||":


      Is there a version of this for Google BigQuery? Running this statement:

      SELECT *  FROM `mytable` WHERE column like '%' + <Parameters.Parameter1> + '%'


      And tried:

      SELECT *  FROM `mytable` WHERE column like '%' || <Parameters.Parameter1> || '%'


      With no luck and this error:

      "No matching signature for operator + for argument types: STRING, STRING. Supported signatures: INT64 + INT64; FLOAT64 + FLOAT64 at"