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    Action Filter, Filter the chart too rather than highlighting

    Reynaldo Urip

      Hi everyone,


      I am new to the community, even though I have been using Tableau for about a year. My question is, is it possible to filter a chart using its own data point?




      This is the default state of the chart.

      Current State.jpg


      When I click on a particular store number, let's say store 649. The chart will highlight store 649. But what I need is for the chart to just show 649 and have the x-axis readjust to just store 649.

      When click on a data point.jpg


      The ideal state when I click on a particular data point in this chart:

      Ideal state.jpg


      Right now, the only way I can do this is by clicking on it and select 'Keep Only'. But is it possible to not have to pick 'Keep Only' to do this by default? I tried to add a dashboard action to filter this bar chart when selecting itself, but it still doesn't work. It still highlights instead of filtering its own data.


      Any idea as to whether this is possible?