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    Filters on one dashboard, viz on second dashboard

    Courtney Bittelari


      My goal is to create two dashboards, the first of which hosts all my filters and the second is the viz. The viz (dash 2) will ultimately contain a lot of information so I'd like to keep the many needed filters on the first dash. The purpose of this is to create a document where a rep can take the second dash (the viz) and print it out, less the filters showing.


      Think of it as, Step one is Dash 1 = define your filters (like account, state etc). Step 2 is Dash 2 = output to share with clients, manager etc.


      Is something like this possible via an action? I tried setting up a few actions but they didn't show up in order to add to the first dashboard. Would creating a story work for this purpose?

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          Joe Oppelt

          Yes, you can place all your filters on the first dashboard and have your vizzes on a second dashboard.


          First, trick is to use the "apply to worksheets" feature for filters.  Suppose you had 10 sheets that all use the same data source, and you want all but the 10th sheet to obey one filter selection.  On any one of the 9 sheets you can right click on the filter an select "Apply to worksheets".  From there you have three options:  "Only this sheet" (default).  "Selected worksheets" (which will give you a list of all the sheets that use this data source, and you can click one or more from the list).  Or "All using this data source", which is a one-click method to apply this filter to all the sheets hooked to this data source.


          Now, when you make a selection in the filter, the selection(s) apply to all the specified sheets.


          With that in mind, you can place a bogus sheet on your first dashboard, and expose the filter(s) for that sheet.  Hide the actual sheet behind some other object on the dashboard, and the user won't know there is actually a sheet there.  S/He will just see the filters.  If you have done "Apply to worksheets" and both the bogus sheet on Dashboard 1 and the other sheet(s) on dashboard 2 are selected for "apply" when the user gets to Dashboard 2, the filter will apply to what he sees there.

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            Joe Oppelt

            In the attached (V8.2 workbook, will upgrade to any version), I have created what I described above.


            Dashboard 1 has the bogus sheet hidden behind the text box that says we're on Dashboard 1.  You can select any Region.  then hit the arrow for "Go to Dashboard 2", and the filter selections will apply on Dashboard 2.  I just have one filter in play here, but you can do it with 100 filters and it will work the same way.


            As a bonus, I hacked up Dashboard 3 to show you a different way to give the user access to the filters.


            There is a parameter in the lower left corner.  Hide or Show the filter.  If you select Show, the filter pops out.  I actually have a dashboard where I pop out a container that has a dozen filters in it.  Same deal.  You can pop out anything like that.  If you are interested in this method, we can talk about it.

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              Courtney Bittelari

              Hi Joe,
              Thanks so much for the thorough reply. I really like the dashboard you attached and I will definitely leverage that as I create this complicated one pager for my reps.