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    Adding groups to other groups?

    Ben Page

      Hi all,


      I know that it's possible to add individual users to groups, but is it possible to add a group of users to another group?


      To give some context, we allow multiple groups of users to access certain dashboards. However, on some of those dashboards we restrict certain information based on user group. So say 3 groups have access to Dashboard A, but maybe only 2 of those groups can see certain information. We're hiding/showing this information using the ISMEMBEROF() user function. In an effort to reduce maintenance down the road, we are hoping to create a generic tableau group that has access to see the hidden data, rather than manually declaring each separate user group that can see it (e.g. ISMEMBEROF("Generic Group") rather than ISMEMBOROF("Group A", "Group B"...). The idea is that if the business changes their mind about who can see the restricted info, users can simply be added to the generic group and gain access, rather than having to add them to a group they shouldn't belong to, or update the ISMEMBEROF() filter on the dashboard.


      I know it's not that much additional effort to do this by adding individuals one at a time to this new generic group. But, if a business decision is made to let certain groups of users see that information going forward (e.g. "now we think Group C should also have access'), we thought it might be easier if we could add groups to another group for two main reasons. 1. If a user group has a very large number of users. 2. If new employees come along who are members of Group C, they can basically inherit the permissions to see the restricted data, rather than having to be manually added to the generic group. We figured this could probably be done by creating a new group in our client's active directory, adding them to that group in addition to their specific group, and then importing that group, but I was wondering if it could be done on Tableau Server. Everything I have read indicates that you can only add users to a group.