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    Parameter for business days only

    Elliott Robin

      Hi everyone,


      I'm doing a view where I have to analyze data by weekdays (see picture)

      I want my users the possibility to have only business days in their view or all week if they want so. (I don't want to completely remove saturday and sunday because sometimes there can be data in those 2 days)


      I just don't get how to put that parameter


      I'd like a check box with only 2 choices: business days or all week






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          Brock Peters

          We do this by joining off to a calendar table that identifies workday, holidays and ect.  Then just use the dimension on the calendar as the filter.  With cross data joins this has gotten easier, we just have an excel calendar table we can join off to.


          Was never able to figure out with workday function.

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            Andy Piper



            It can be done. You can use a parameter to do this; but when using a parameter, you need a calculated field within a worksheet in order for the parameter value to influence it.


            Take a look at the attached workbook. I have a field called 'Day of Week' that captures the weekday value of the order date.

            I've created a parameter called 'Days to Consider' -- where 1 = Week Days (business days) and 2 = Full Week. I also have a field called 'Day' that is simply a True/False statement


            ([Days to Consider]=1 AND ([Day of Week]<>'Sunday' AND [Day of Week]<>'Saturday')) OR [Days to Consider]=2


            Place the True/False statement on the filter shelf and set to True.


            Hope this helps,



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              Elliott Robin

              Hi Andy, I like how your idea sound! It seems to be exactly what I want.

              I can't see the attach because i guess I'm using 9.2


              Can you send it to me in 9,2 ?