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    LOD Calculated field not yielding min date

    Gwen Curlee

      I've created the following LOD calculated field to determine if a specific patient encounter is the first of the fiscal year:


      [Sep FY Encounter Date]={ FIXED [Patient # (Reg)],[Mid Program]:min(if [Sep FY Encounter Date]>#8/31/2015# and

      [Sep FY Encounter Date]<#9/1/2016# then [Sep FY Encounter Date] end)}


      I have 2 issues with the results.  First, for at least 1 instance, I am getting true for the same patient/mid program for an encounter on 11/5/2015 and false for 8/12/2015.  I would have thought it would yield the opposite.  Second, I am receiving quite a few null results.  The nulls seem to occur when there is only 1 encounter for the patient.  I can work with that, but thought it was odd and may cause issues.  Any help is appreciated.