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    Labels highlighed grey on map

    Lotte Kammenga


      I'm making a map to show the number of sales by region. I've imported a custom map and attached a latitude and a longitude to each region so there is only one label per region.

      Then, what I would like to do, is show the number of sales based on size. I can get that to work if I make the chart type into a text chart.

      However, the text has a grey bar over it. Ideally I'd like it just to have the text, or have the highlight be the same colour as the region. But I can't seem to get rid of/change it. I can change the text colour but not the highlight colour.

      here is an image

      I can also set the chart type as a map, and then the shading goes away. However, in that case, the size of the number of sales doesn't differ and all the labels are the same size, despite having the size legend under the marks card.

      Any ideas how I can change the highlight colour?