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    Filter action not working for groups?

    Clay McNeff

      Hello community! I'm 99% finished with a dashboard but am having a horrible time with what appears to be a simple problem I can't seem to fix.


      I have a list of Applications and all the languages they use. I have grouped these languages together based on similarity (i.e. Java 1.6 and Java 1.7 all bucket to Java). I have built one visualization that presents the number of applications for each language group. Below it I have a second visualization that populates with specific languages once a language group is selected. Example, if the Java group is selected in the first visualization, the second visualization populates with Java 1.6 and Java 1.7 and how many applications use each. Its a simple drill-down utilizing 2 different visualizations. I would like to put filter actions in place so that both visualizations can be used to filter an application list. The filter action works for the language group visualization. I select a group, and the individual language visualization and application list filter appropriately. However, nothing happens when I select an individual language in the second visualization. Is there some sort of restriction in place that prevents me from filtering twice on the same field?