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    Property Filter de-selects all after switching country

    Thijs Kloosterman

      Hi all,


      I've attached my sample workbook that shows the problem. I have the following situation:


      The goal of my dashboard is to show a few Performance Indicators (measures) based on both Properties and Sectors (dimensions). The thing is, I have 2 types of measures: percentages (relative) and euros (absolute values). To properly show the axis' and to allow proper number formatting, I've created each sheet twice: once for the relative measures, and once for the absolute measures. Within the dashboard, they auto hide/show based on the selection of the Select KPI Parameter.


      Now the problem; I have a filter called PropertyName, that applies to all four sheets. It shows all values in context, because the filter CountryName is in the context to show only the properties from a certain country. The problem occurs when a users de-selects some of the properties, and then switches to another country. This results in all properties being de-selected and thus an empty dashboard! Since I need some of the properties to be de-selected by default, this is a problem.


      I've tried to create a calculatied field that has all the KPI's in it, but it resulted in number formatting problems I couldn't overcome. I need the percentages to be 1 decimal behind the comma, and the absolute values to be integers. Interestingly enough, the problem with the Property filter, doesn't occur with the Size filter, even though it functions exaclty the same. De-selecting one of the sizes, and then switching countries, just works.


      So, how can I order the filters in such a way that the users can switch between countries while the property fitler properly remembers which properties are selected and de-selected?


      Thank you!