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    calculation based on filter selection

    Dale Forman

      Hi All


      I have sell data to analysis. I need to calculate % of orders shipped by orders received like below –


      (Ship/Receive) * 100


      My problem is – I am not able to calculate it according to gender and purchase type filter.


      Let’s say for city Dallas

      1. If all the filter values selected then  (372/20503) * 100
      2. If Only purchase type “By Phone” is selected  (44/20503 ) * 100
      3. If  purchase type “By Phone” is selected  and Gender type Male selected  (44/6799 ) * 100


      Additional Question -

      I would also like to hide nulls from quick filter. It does not seem to be possible, as per many posts online. If anyone has any suggestion to hide nulls in quick filter, Please suggest as well.


      I am attaching sample twbx file as well.