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    Nested bar chart (but not dual-axis)


      Hello...can anyone think of a way to create a nested bar chart (2 values), but without using a dual-axis?  The reason for not using dual-axis is, I need to also add a line chart to the viz, which blows my one shot at a dual-axis.

      For example, using Super Store data, I'd like to nest the sum of Profit inside the Sum of Sales.   Then add a dual-axis line graph showing the sum of Discount.    (this viz will then be displayed on a monthly axis)


      I 'think' to do this, I'm going to need to convert Sum of Profit to a Dimension and use it with the Color marks card...but that's where it gets confusing.  For it to work, the dimension object would need to be a two value field:

      Value 1 = Sum of Profit   (color #1)

      Value 2 - Sum of Profit - Sum of Sales  (color #2)

      Assuming this is the right way to do it, I'm not sure how to create that 2 value object.   Possibly a CASE statement, but what is the CASE based off of?


      Any thoughts on how this can be accomplished?

      Thanks in advance,