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    Looking for an online mentor

    Beatriz Woods

      Hi, I hope I'm not abusing the forum by doing this. I saw someone made a post like this on the KNIME forums and got a response.


      I'm looking for a Tableau mentor online. I've done very rudimentary dashboards and data work in Tableau at my last two jobs. I was never able to make many strides, though.


      I was just laid off and want to take the time to do some Tableau studying. I have a couple of ideas for open source data projects I'd l like to pursue to build my portfolio. I'd like to find someone I can email/chat questions to occasionally, who is willing to work out a sort of online relationship. I had a few of these at my old job for Alteryx and Tableau but since I'm laid off, I don't have access to them anymore, really.


      For the record, I'm 39, female, and live in Washington, DC. Happy to work with guy or girl, but maybe the females will be more open to speaking up if they know I'm also a female.


      Hope to hear back from someone,