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    1-to-many problem affecting number of records

    Clay McNeff

      Hello community!


      I have a problem with a dashboard I'm building. I've attached a simplified version of it. I want to present 5 applications, aggregated by two different dimensions in two different visualizations. In the first, I'd like to present programming languages and how many apps use each. In the second, I'd like to present lifecycle statuses and how many apps are currently in each. Lastly, I'd like to use filter actions so that depending on which languages and lifecycle statuses the user chooses, an application list to the right filters to only those meeting the user's requirements.


      My problem is that the app to language relationship is 1-to-many, as an application can have multiple languages. As I bring in the data, Tableau sees 11 records even though I only have 5 applications. I'd like the 'languages' visualization to report all 11 records but the 'lifecycles' visualization to only report on 5 because that is only a 1-to-1 relationship. How can I blend my data so that this family of visualizations all work together?


      If it matters, I'm currently using version 9.1.