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    Custom Reference Lines and Coloring

    Brittney Parker

      Hello All,

         I have a dimension [Order Grouping] that has four order types:

                No Order

                Supply Order


                First Machine


      What I'm looking to do is create a custom reference line for No Order but keep the Average line for the rest:

           No Order: Reference Line at 20%

           Supply Order: Reference Line at Average

           RePap: Reference Line at Average

           First Machine: Reference Line at Average


      Then have everything above the reference line for all order types be a certain color:

           No order: Everything above the 20% line as RED

           Supply Order: Everything above the Average Line as GREEN

           RePap: Everything above the Average Line as GREEN

           First Machine: No change to the color


      Here's what I've done to show the percentage of each order type so far:


      I've tried making different measures for each order type so I could have an individual reference line for each, but the format of the graphs looked awful...I just can't figure it out.


      Any help would be much appreciated! Attached is an example of what I'm working with.