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    Help and inspiration needed to create dynamic milestone/target based on date

    Lucie Brett

      Hi everyone,


      I have been trying to work on a visualisation for a while and have even sought help in another forum but I haven't got anywhere, wondered if any of you Tableau experts had any ideas?


      Basically I want to show the number of records for one intake (Sep-17) but I want to use the number of records for another intake (Sep-16) to plot a target/milestone to show where we should be e.g. when did we get 25%/50%/75% of records last year.


      I have thought about using reference lines however if I filter on the Sep-17 intake, then I can't figure out how to use Sep-16 to plot the 25%/50%/75% milestones. In the attached on "Intake as filter" I have started to play with a calculated field called "milestone" but due to the filter applied, no data shows.


      I haven't even be able to start to think about HOW to visualise this yet as I can't seem to get the calculations right!


      If you'd had a similar thing, I'd love to learn from you!