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    Needing help about filters, sorting and sums

    raphael luce

      Hi everybody,

      I'm facing a problem while sorting my data... and don't finding any way out. Maybe you could help ?

      I'm trying to show TV occurrences of people, indicating their occupations. It can be filtered by channel and occupations

      Here is my data. There is one line for each occupation of a person invited on TV (a guy with two occupations, invited on two different channels will be represented as four lines)

      Here is my tableau public :

      Tableau Public

      And a twbx version is attached


      I cannot find the good sorting order for my people's list as they are acting differently depending on the channel/occupation filters.

      I would like a descending order to see for each filter who has the more occurences.


      I've tried to make a calculated field giving different occurrences numbers depending on which filter is selected : but I cannot know in a calculation if a filter is "on".

      Hope somebody will find the trick.