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    "One set of numbers" - Using both Tableau and Excel to gain insights


      Hi all


      I work in a company where there are multiple ways of obtaining and working with data. In an effort to create "one set of numbers" we are aiming to use the Tableau data engine as the source of corporate wide used data. However, we do face a hurdle when it comes to using Tableau as the single tool for performing analysis - we have some users who will not let go of Excel. Different front end tools to fit the purpose does make sense. However, we struggle with how to provide the same data to the different tools.


      I believe there are many different paths to take, all with their own pro's & con's. Searching the community and blogs, I have not been able to find much material about the topic. Yet, I find it hard to believe that we are the only corporation with this challenge?

      Therefore, if you face (or have overcome) the same situation. What was your solution? what are the pro/cons? concerns? struggles? recommendations? etc.


      Thanks for sharing!