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    Date format: Concatenated String

    Jayna tan


      I concatenated a string with date. New year is the date that has been formatted.


      New Year: DATEPARSE('yyyy', [Year11 - Split 1 - Split 1])


      This is the calculated field that i came out with to join the date and string together.


      STR(DATE([NewYear])) + " " + STR([PlanAct]) + " " + STR([YTD])


      This gives me 2015-01-01 Plan YTD. However, i want 2015 Plan YTD. Because it is in a String, i can't format it to be yyyy as i need the year and Plan, YTD to be tgt. As well as adding FY in the front. Anyone knows how to change it to a date format while having the string in the axis??