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    Where and between condition use

    Zeenat Goyal

      Hi All,


      I am new to Tableau, need to create a table in Tableau which should look like attached screenshot. I am building this table in tableau 9.3 on top of HANA view.

      Question -

      1. how to achieve serial numbers 1 -till n in the tableau.

      2. My Task details are not coming as shown here, but it is coming as only once as in crosstab.

      3. I had to convert dates into STR to show them like in the screenshot.

      4. Most Important - I need to show the Start dates for last 4 week till date and end date from today till 8 weeks ahead in a Gantt chart using this data.


      Enclosed is the tableau file , could you help me how should I achieve this ? Or I am confused in understanding the requirement.




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          Ashish Chaudhari

          Hi Zeenat,


          Please extract the data for the workbook and resend.


          Please see the below error which is prompting for the authentication as well as installation on SAP hana drivers which I can't install. If you extract there will not be any issues. I will be able to work on the data.



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            Zeenat Goyal

            I am unable to extract this file for some reason, but it would be great if you could suggest some solution,

            As you can see I have created variables for last 4 week and ahead 8 week already. The problem is happening when i am trying to put these conditions in filter pane with TRUE value , dates in Start date n END date coming both same.


            Filter =  [Start Date] >= [Last 4 Week from Today] AND [End Date] <= [8 Week from Today]


            Last 4 week  - DATETRUNC('week',DATETRUNC('month',DATEADD('month',-1,Today()))+7)

            8 Week from today - DATETRUNC('week',DATETRUNC('month',DATEADD('week',8,Today())))


            Data is coming fine, both start date n end date are separate for a given task.