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    How to create calculated field for determining first 30% of client and second 30% of client according to turnover?

    Timothé Le Vigouroux



      I would need help on implementing the following on Tableau.

      I have a sales transaction table with Client and turnover linked to a table with Sales representatives.

      All Sales Representatives are have a different portfollio (the amount of client assigned to a Sales Rep. can vary).


      I would need to make a calculated field in order to find out the amount of turnover for the top tiers of client and second tier of client for past year.


      For example: Sales rep. Mr Pink has following clients

      Client 1: 500 EUR last year

      Client 2: 450 EUR last year

      Client 3: 300 EUR last year

      Client 4: 200 EUR last year

      Client 5: 100 EUR last year

      Client 6: 10 EUR last year

      Client 7: 9 EUR last year

      Client 8: 3 EUR last year

      Client 9: 3 EUR last year

      Client 10: 1 EUR last year


      I'd like to have 2 calculated fields:

      First tier = 300 (then I know that up to 300eur included, client of Mr Pink are in the top tier)

      Second tier= 10 (then I know that up to 10eur included, client of Mr Pink are in the second tier)


      Of course it would need to be dynamic according to the Sales Rep., past year need also to be dynamic. I assume for the year part I should use something like (year(TODAY())-1)


      I intend to use later on these calculated fields for more complex calculations.


      Thanks for you help,