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    Creating a filter for events that occurred overtime

    James Walsh



      We have a large dataset (several thousand rows of data) where we are counting event types that happened over a period of time. From reporting on this data we need to generate a count of events that have occurred more than X months within a specific time range showing the customer ID and what was ordered.


      For example,


      Customer A places 2 orders in March for Staples and pens and one in May pens

      Customer B places 7 orders in April for staples and pens

      Customer C places 3 orders in March and 3 in April for staples, pens and paper


      The graph we are looking for would only show the count of number orders by item placed by Customer A and C for their respective months. We can manually filter out Customer B but this only works for small datasets what we need is a way to automatically filter out Customer B who only placed orders in the months of April from the view.


      Any ideas or guidance on how we can do this would be greatly appreciated.


      Thank you