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    Server fails to recognize one way trust between AD domains

    Alex Blakemore

      The following simple configuration is failing. Any suggestions would be appreciated

      A core server deployed to a single server on the AD domain dev. dev domain trusts the AD domain prod.

      The run as user is the default service to start. When configuring Tableau Server, we specified the prod AD domain in the configuration panel. The goal is to draw users from the prod  domain, although it would be great to allow users from both prod and dev.


      At server launch. It fails when we try to specify the admin user in the prod domain using a FQDN.


      The error below appears in viz portal 0 log.

      "The name or security ID SID of the domain specified is inconsistent with the trust information for that domain"


      The documentation says that Tableau Server supports 1-way trust Domain Trust Requirements . But it doesn't state which domain should be specified in the Configuration panel. Should it be dev instead of prod?


      Any ideas what to look at next? Is this something strange about how AD is setup. Or should the Tableau server configuration panel set the AD domain to dev because that is where the server lives, even though we intend to draw users from prod?