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    Dashboard Action Filter Help

    Wes Sherwood

      Using the SuperStore dataset, I have 3 sheets: 


      1. Timeline - Measure names is in Rows and contains all measure values.

      2. Profit - The sum of Profit is on Text and is displayed for 1 day.

      3. Profit Ratio - The profit ratio is displayed for 1 day.


      All three sheets are on my dashboard.  On the dashboard I would like to be able to click on Profit: $102, and have the Timeline filtered by Profit.  Then if I click on Profit Ratio: 14.2% I'd like the timeline to be filtered by Profit Ratio.  I've tried action filters, but when I click the timeline doesn't adjust.  I know I could filter using the Timeline filter of Measure Names, but would like to simplify for my end users if possible.


      I've also tried searching the forums and following the Action Filter help sections, but they don't seem to work on this dashboard for some reason.


      This is a simplified version of the problem.  The actual data set I would like to apply this logic to has around 30 measures.  I'd like to be able to display one day of data (the most recent day), but then click on the data and have the Timeline show the history.


      Thanks for your help!