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    Anyone familiar with setting up SAMLon vm 2012R2

    Eileen Keck

      II am trying to set up SAML. I requested a key from my organization and listed below what was sent to me. I have a link for each available format  I also have my key request but no .key file


      I received this email :

      You have successfully enrolled for an InCommon SSL certificate.


      You now need to complete the following steps:


          * Click the following link to download your SSL certificate (generally try to use a version that includes intermediates & root or your certificate may be rejected by some older clients)


          Format(s) most suitable for your server software:

               as PKCS#7 Base64 encoded

                as PKCS#7 Bin encoded

                as X509, Base64 encoded

                as X509 Certificate only, Base64 encoded

                as X509 Intermediates/root only, Base64 encoded

                as X509 Intermediates/root only Reverse, Base64 encoded


      Does anyone know which key I should use and how to get or create a .key file? I just want to be sure that I am proceeding correctly