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    Average across a deeper granularity than what is being displayed

    Eric Hedekar

      Looking for help on how to get a chart of averages for categories of people's scores (i.e. females, males, etc...).  Basically I have a bunch of scores for different people, and want to show the average across people without showing the people granularity.  The hitch that I am running into is that some people have more scores than others and no matter how many times a person is in the data I want each person equally weighted in the average.


      I'm able to get scores for each person and I can then divide them into panes for each category and take the pane's average - this works but it visually distracts from the clear comparison I'm attempting to get at which is males vs. females.  But when I remove the individual granularity on this view, the numbers are wrong due to the uneven sampling of the scores.  I want to run the calculation on people's individual scores without showing the individual granularity.


      Sorry I can't show a workbook as this is client data.