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    Urgent Help - Tableau Path Flow Challenges - Global Map Volume Flow - Origin - DC's - RDC's - Destination

    Rohan Patil

      Hello Everyone,


      I have created a view that shows a path between multiple ship points for shipments moving between Plants - DC's (2 Or 3) - Customer (Destination).


      Below is the Sample Data Set used for creating this Volume Flow Map.

      The data set consists for Origin - Destination, Flow Units along with AutoID as Path ID and Leg as Path Order. For more details please take a look at the attached excel file.

      I have few questions about formatting and representing the map better.

      Below is the screen shots.


      Question 1 - When I move my mouse pointer on the beginning of the path it displays the leg (Path Order) as 0 (Screenshot 1 below) and when I move my mouse pointer towards the destination the leg (Path Order) changes to 1 (Screenshot 2 below). Is there a way I can show just one leg (Path Order) for one Origin Destination Lane?



      Question 2 - Is there any other better way to represent this flow data?


      Looking forward for some new techniques and ideas.